About Us

dmk group Pty Ltd ATF DMK Business Trust (‘dmk group’)  is an Australian business specialising in the provision of tailored personal insurance solutions.

Our success and growth are borne from an ongoing dedication to attending to the needs of our clients. We recognise that far too often in modern times people are too busy to attend to their own insurance needs, and consequently this area is often neglected or deferred. We view it as part of our role to be ‘a professional nag’ to our clients, to ensure such needs are properly considered and addressed.

Our clients include individuals, families and Australian businesses throughout Australia.

dmk group: Corporate Authorised Representative No. 387509 of Bombora Advice Pty Ltd (AFSL # 439065)
David Keavney: Authorised Representative No. 303311 of Bombora Advice Pty Ltd (AFSL # 439065)
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