Testimonial 12

7th July 2017

“…We’re surviving, I tell people that it could always be worse! And life
would certainly be more stressful if it weren’t for the income protection.
It was a very difficult decision at the time to start outlaying the money
for a ‘just in case’ scenario that may never happen, but wow, are we glad we
did. Nicola and I have both mentioned to various people how worthwhile it
is. If they ask any further, you’ll get our recommendation!”

Ross and Nicola

Testimonial 11

27th April 2017

“…but what I admire the most, is that you make a difference to people’s lives, and I like the fact that I’ve never felt that it was about the profit you could make from me. Are you a great car salesman? No, I think you are a genuine person, hell bent on making a difference to people lives, and you do. That’s pretty rare and special in your field, I suspect.”

Suzie G, from Tassie

Testimonial 10

10th December 2015

“Thanks for looking after our needs so thoroughly.”

Michelle F

Testimonial 9

29th October 2015

“David has been my adviser for all insurance matters for at least 10 years. I feel that he stays abreast of changes in the industry and keeps me informed. I trust his advice.”

Brendan Browner

Testimonial 8

22nd August 2013

Dear David,

I would like to thank you for all of the assistance, guidance and advice you have given me over the last few years in relation to insurance cover and specifically over the last 10 months while I suffered from an illness that required several surgeries and prolonged time away from work.  I am so thankful that, on your advice I took out income protection cover, as without it I would have been without any income for more than 6 months.

You have always been available to take my questions and always responded in a timely manner with accurate and pertinent information.  I have always been impressed with your extensive knowledge in relation to all types of insurance cover and in particular, I was extremely impressed that you knew my income protection cover in more details than the insurance company.  The expert knowledge that you possess, enabled me to receive extra payments from the insurance company that I was entitled to, but otherwise would not have received.

Right from the beginning you took the time to explain all relevant policies in relation to what might be suitable for my circumstances. I was extremely impressed with how meticulous you were in going through each option and how you took the time to explain to me the different aspects of each policy to me.

You came highly recommended and I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is seeking insurance cover for any aspect of their lives. Your knowledge, your compassion, your integrity and your professionalism is second to none.

Once again, thank you David for everything you have done for me.  It meant a lot.

Kind regards,

Mark V – Adelaide

Testimonial 7

18th  December 2012

Hi Team,

This is a personal note.

If any of you are looking for a risk advisor to review your level of life, TPD and income protection insurances I have just been through a similar exercise and can recommend someone. The cost is free and any additional insurances can be tailored around what you already receive through your super.

If you have a family I think it is particularly important you go through an exercise like this.

Just let me know and I can provide details


Mark Wingrave

Testimonial 6

5th April 2013

Gareth L. of S.A. has recommended your work as Specialist Risk Adviser at dmk group.

Dear David,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “David has looked after my family’s insurance needs for several years now, and he has consistently over-performed in regard to his attention to detail, product and market knowledge, and servicing our changing needs. I recommend him without hesitation to help design and manage the right insurance package for your specific situation.”
Service Category: Insurance Agent
Year first hired: 2008
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Gareth L.

Via LinkedIn Recommendations

Testimonial 5

4th October 2012

For the past 20 years I have made my living as a professional artist and sculptor. For the past 10 years of those I have made the larger part of my income from teaching portrait sculpture, travelling the country to do this.

Two and a half years ago I had an accident at one of these workshops, and the physical ramifications of this have been escalating since. Although I have disability insurance, sold to me via my bank and its allied insurance company, I found the process of actually making a claim far too onerous to pursue and I abandoned the process.

Last year I put other necessary insurances in place, this time using a highly recommended insurance broker, Mr David Keavney. At the end of the process of doing that particular cover, he asked me if there was anything else he could help me with.  I mentioned my experience with the disability cover I had.

David went through my policy with a fine tooth comb, and has since then patiently guided me through the process of making a claim, and liaising with the Insurance company on my behalf. He has been able to retrospectively gain payments, is looking after current claims, and is guiding me into the future.  The money that he has been able to secure on my behalf,  has been used to rest the injury, give me time to begin to restructure the future of my arts practice, and also to begin to further investigate the medical options to manage my injury.

David’s patient, compassionate, methodical and very proactive approach getting positive outcomes is actually shaping my future.  He has given me support and relief on so many levels.

Generally the Insurance industry has much bad press and negativity attached to it, but I have found my dealings with David to be nothing but positive. He is a true professional.

Madame K French

Testimonial 4

7th December 2012

Hi Dave,

This is just a quick note to thank you for all your assistance in dealing with CommInsure in handling my claim. Going through the process for the first time and not being aware of how things worked would have been challenging to say the least. Your guidance and handling of the whole process was fantastic. It felt like you took the burden of dealing with the insurer away as well as explaining the requirements of the policy simply. You really made life easy for me and I would gladly recommend you to anyone looking for insurance protection.

Thanks again.

Mike C.

Testimonial 3

28th February, 2011

Dear David,

We wanted to thank you for all of the assistance you have given us over the past few years and in particular these past few months.

As you know, our requirements have changed this year and we have found your advice and help invaluable in finding levels of cover that suit both our needs and our budget.

We feel we have security and a strong level of cover as you supplied us with some options we simply would not have considered ourselves which enabled us to make informed decisions.

The wide range of Insurance available and the many options can be quite daunting but you have always explained everything to us in a clear and precise manner for which we are grateful.

Thanks again for all of your help, very much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Debbie and Holger, S.A.

Testimonial 2

18th December, 2010

As you know, while in Sydney I became a father and realised that at the same time I was now responsible to one (and then two) dependents. Some of you are parents already, while others are on the verge of becoming parents, so I’m attaching the email address (via cc) of a friend of mine who also happens to be my risk advisor.

David helped me sort things out, both understanding what my risks are and what I can do financially to cover myself in the case that those risks eventuated.

The best part of my professional relationship with David is that he is extremely meticulous, an attribute that I find especially important when dealing with issues such as insuring personal risk.

Paul Allard

Testimonial 1

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Dear David,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help over the past year.

Firstly I was very satisfied with all the work you did upfront to explain the different types of insurances and how they applied to our situation. You managed to explain everything clearly and help us work out what insurances we actually needed and how much cover was required.

After the discovery of my Brain Tumour in May this year you have been a great support in helping us deal with the insurer to get the Trauma claims paid. I’m particularly glad that I got you to do a review of my keyman insurance at work as I don’t think I would have been paid out under the previous policy.

It was such a relief that on top of all the stress in dealing with difficult news at least we knew that we didn’t have to worry about the financial side of things.

We also appreciate your support since the operation in helping us lodge and get paid under the income protection policy that you setup for us.

To think we have received so much benefit and only paid one lot of premiums makes me feel so satisfied in making the decision to get the insurances sorted once our first daughter was born. I’m so glad that I didn’t delay any further as I don’t think I’d be able to get cover now.

Thanks again for all your help, I will be happy to refer you to any of my friends that have a need for these insurances in the future.

Yours sincerely,